Re: Michael Anissimov's 'Shock Level Analysis'

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 22:19:43 MST

> > Imagine if Eliezer (or some other critical
> SingInst
> > person, should the SingInst be critical) decided
> to fall in love and run
> off
> > with some girl? This could be a disaster.

Hardly! It's is the one thing that might actually save

Most of AI research is horribly flawed with this
notion that the sole purpose of doing it to put the
'Scientist in the Machine'. Hans Moravec comes to
mind immediately. I would say that the one thing AI
research needs more than anything else is an active
sex life among its participants. Perhaps then we
would finally start getting a more healthy perspective
on the whole endeavor. Lets not forget that
regardless of whether SI's even need anything closely
approximating sexual pleasure, *we* are all still

Paul Hughes

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