RE: Steve Harris, "Return of the Krell Machine" (Singularity Article)

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 20:08:31 MST

--- Ben Goertzel <> wrote:

>I even supervise PhD
> students
> getting their hard-earned PhD's in AI.

You have earned my respect. :-)
> If genuine AGI is achieved within the next decade,
> it will not
> be the first time in the history of science and
> technology that
> a radical breakthrough will have proved the majority
> of experts
> to be shortsighted and narrowminded.

I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment, yet the
wholesale disregard in the AI community for so much of
what makes us sentient leaves me with a lot of doubt
as to *their* capacity to make it a reality.
> What would most experts have said about quantum
> theory in 1895, or
> about airplanes 10 years before the Wright Brothers?
> Beware of
> forming strong opinions based on the ideas of
> "experts."

As a general rule I don't. I come to my own
conclusions after a great deal of thought and personal
experience. Once I reach my own conclusions I have
the blessing (in the case of AI) of being able to test
my ideas in the company of people actually doing the
> Brain science of course can be highly inspirational
> for AI. But
> since our current computer hardware is so
> un-brain-like, I really
> doubt that closely emulating the brain is going to
> be a workable
> approach to implementing AI for a good long while.

Yes, my point exactly.
> Well, actually, *unlimited* computer
> speed would allow true AI with a very simple program
> (this is
> known as Solomonoff Induction).

If this is true then we should be able to build an AI
*right now* that exists in slow time. That means it
will have all the behavior of intelligence given a
sufficient amount of time for interaction. If
Solomonoff Induction is equilavent to monkeys pounding
on typewriters then this wouldn't count. In other
words, this Solomonoff Induction machine would have to
be capable of knowing when to give intelligent
responses and when not to, right?

Paul Hughes

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