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From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 16:29:50 MST

--- wrote:
> Additionally, I am not certain that the attributes
> of benignity and
> friendliness towards humanity are always mutually
> consistent.  What
> if an SI concluded that the overall "benignity
> quotient" of the
> universe would be maximized if humans or all
> sentient life other
> than Powers were eliminated?

Uncertainty sure. We could all just thrown our hands
up and conclude that our puny 3-lb grey matter
vesicles are simply not up to the task. But if that
is the case, then why bother with any of this at all?
I think it is not that complicated. I have seen no
strong evidence why SI's will not emerge through a
continuous process of accelerating returns. Each
improvement built on the last in a successive chain
leading back to the x286 as one grand parent, and our
own currently limited knowledge of the brains inner
workings as the other grand parent.

That being said it behooves us to study and understand
everything we can know about all the chemical logic
behind what makes people emotionally benign.

A truly comprehensive superior SI would embody both
the best of something like the Dalai Lama and Stephen
Hawking or Eliezer. Supersaint + Supersmart = SI.

Besides from a purely darwinian perspective there are
tons of studies which have demonstrated that happier
people are more successful than depressed people.
Negative emotions as motivators are short acting at
best. More often they degrade into suicidal ideations
and lethargy.

Paul Hughes

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