Re: Steve Harris, "Return of the Krell Machine" (Singularity Article)

From: Paul Hughes (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 16:15:15 MST

--- ben goertzel <> wrote:

> I would say, rather: Maybe programming benignity
> early on will have a
> beneficial effect on later-stage superintelligent
> AI, or maybe it won't.
> Furthermore, of all the ways I have seen of
> attracting investor dollars,
> this has to be one of the most indirect and
> unworkable ;>

I think we are in agreement here Ben. I beleieve that
one of the keys to creating an SI is understanding in
as much detail as possible how our own brains work.
That much I think everyone agrees on. I go further
however and strongly suggest that another key is to
fine-tune the neuro-logic behind the complex array of
chemical activity which makes us 'emotionally happy'.
This idea of creating an SI that is the
super-embodiment of Spock speaks more about the person
suggesting it that any true SI.

Paul Hughes

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