Re: Michael Anissimov's 'Shock Level Analysis'

Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 17:42:13 MST

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<< The SL4 list would seem to me to be exactly the right forum for Eliezer's
 "no-punches-pulled", straight-talk criticism.
 Michael Anissimov: I found your SL Analysis both enjoyable, amusing and
 informative... but the criticism was very good also. Roll with the punches,
 Michael... **become** a better writer! I look forward to reading your
 future efforts. >>

Thanks for the encouragement. I found the criticism valuable as well. Yes,
I suppose this should be the forum that sets the highest standards for its
member's writings. Incidentally, I've created a forum for more "open
speculation", memetics discussions, and whatnot, for a more "nonprofessional
audience"; <A HREF="">The
Singularitarian Collective</A>. Yep, I'm hoping to learn a lot as I start
writing more and more. (it was nice to get my first criticism from Eli
himself, actually.)

Michael Anissimov

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