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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 15:19:33 MST

"More fanatic than religious fanatics because
their beliefs have a logical foundation rather than a illogical one." - Nat
Yes, because, obviously we are right and everyone else is wrong.
You're a model fanatical terrorist.
Sorry for the non-contributory message, but this guy is way out of line.
Even if you're absolutely sure you're right, you MUST exercise tolerance.
You can't say you're right and everyone else is wrong, because right and
wrong are mutually exclusive undefined terms and, furthermore,
The last thing we need are wacko Singulatarian-fundamentalists making the
world dislike our cause. Be gentle.

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> A fun read. Thanks Michael. Anyone on this mailing list fit the following
> description, if only in spirit, of an SL5'er?
> "SL5: NeoSingularitarian Omegists. These people believe in the idea of a
> 'Ontotechnological Singularity' or the idea that once the Singularity
> occurs, it will immediately get ontotechnology, faster than light travel,
> time travel, near-infinite power sources, near-infinite virtual space, and
> take on the quality of having a near-infinite number of dimensions. You
> could call these people the human embodiments of the Singularity. A
> radically strict version of Singularitarian. They spend all of their
> money and energy on attempting to reach the Singularity as soon as
> They drop out of school or college because it is a waste of time. This
> person is almost certainly a computer programmer, a fanatical memetic
> engineer, or perhaps a tycoon who works intensely hard to accumulate
> so he can donate it to the Cause. The only activities this person engages
> in are those that will bring about a quicker Singularity. Sex is only
> as an anti-stress mechanism. More fanatic than religious fanatics because
> their beliefs have a logical foundation rather than a illogical one. They
> attempt to integrate weak AI into everything they do, and would probably
> constantly on smart drugs or even possibly low doses of psychedelics.
> Probably vegan (don't eat any animal products) so that they can digest
> as efficently as possible and spend as little time as possible in the
> bathroom. No newspaper reading, TV watching, movie watching....they
> to keep all their information input on the SL4-5 level. Anthropomorphism
> and ontocentrism is notably faded. They spend nearly all their time
> programming or collaborating with other researchers on the Internet. Such
> hypothetical person might would probably have an important role as part of
> the final AI development team. I forsee the existence of at least 10 of
> these people as imminent and an upper limit of several thousand in the
> entire history of pre-Singularity reality. The entire evolution and
> development not of society, or humanity, or life, but of the entire
> will culminate in these individuals."
> Best
> Nat

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