RE: Open Mind Common Sense project

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 12:18:08 MST

I certainly agree though that Cyc has a higher prob. of being useful for
intelligence than OpenMind or similar projects. (Although, as you say, in
itself it is not a viable
proto-general-intelligence, and is no longer intended as such by its

This is quite appropriate too, since those other projects (open mind etc.)
have involved very little
investment ($$ or scientist-time) whereas Cyc has been fabulously, insanely
in every way...


> > The Cyc corpus, on the other hand, while useless (no point in mincing
> > words) for achieving general intelligence, might indeed be valuable as a
> > dictionary for a generally intelligent AI that was just beginning to
> > embark on the project of acquiring the English lexicon and an
> > understanding of the human-world domain. In fact, one of the
> reasons why
> > I regard OpenMind/GAC as pointless is that the Cyc corpus would
> provide a
> > superior substitute for any possible use.
> yeah, but Cyc doesn't contain all the same kinds of knowledge
> that OpenMind type
> system does. For instance, it contains very little uncertain
> knowledge, with degree
> of uncertainty even roughly qualified... OpenMind is full of this...
> ben

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