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Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 10:12:25 MST

Maybe they could be used as part of a sort of "quick start guide to human

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>I'm not trolling, but I'm curious, in the opinion of those of you working
>on Real AI, how necessary is a collection of common sense to seed AI and
>other approaches? While I can understand how it could be useful, I'm
>asking if we can do without. Also, does anyone know if these collections
>are being careful not to put in info slanted by anthropomorphic
>thinking? While I think some things they'd obviously be smart enough not
>to include, like information about how to use a left hand, might too much
>information about emotions, for example, pollute the AI with notions that
>seem right to us but are actually false. Thus, the AI would have been
>better off in that case with no info at all and have to learn on its own
>about human emotions from observation.
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