RE: Adaptive Intelligence Inc - Incubation

From: Dmitriy Myshkin (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 09:05:29 MST

It would be better to take a little bit longer provided the
"greater-good" friendly AI which results wouldn't be tariffed in an
unfriendly, corporate way.

>>and understand our willingness to get real AI done by hook or by

Why waste time making it friendly, then, if all you are concerned about
is getting some AI, regardless of its nature, ownership or purpose, out
the door... sounds a bit like a trophy mentality?

Funded by the corporate world and tariffed by the corporate world are
quite different things - in several parts, I am sure whichever AI
emerges will have some sort of corporate funding at some point along the
line, but I don't agree with a company releasing Acme General AI 1.0.

Dmitry, the possibility is worth considering that, at the present time,
fastest route to engineering real AI may be via the commercial world.

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