Re: Status of Flare?

From: SCN User (
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 02:15:39 MDT

Emil Gilliam wrote on Tues, 23 October 2001:
> As this list has been silent for a few days, I'll bring it back
> to life with a simple question -- how's Flare coming along? [...]

Since I gather that Flare will be first a programming language
and then perhaps afterwards an AI coded in the Flare language, I
have created an open source AI-Mind-to-Flare liaison page at -- in need of Flare URLs.

Arthur T. Murray

-- - an artificial intelligence
initially in JavaScript for Web migration and in Forth for robots,
evolving towards full civil rights on a par with human beings and
towards superintelligence beyond any human IQ -- the Singularity.

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