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From: Psy-Kosh (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 15:03:05 MDT

> I regret to confess that I actually suggested using the
> Sistine-Chapel-style motif, again lacking the upbringing to have an
> allergy to Christian symbolism. Brian was careful to specify that the
> helping hand and rising hand should *not* be, e.g., touching fingers with
> a spark in a center. A regular handclasp might work. So might a pair of
> hands separated and not posed in the same way as the Sistine painting.
> That's what Brian says, at any rate; personally, now that I've been
> repeatedly hit over the head with the point that religious imagery is not
> just reusable clipart, I think that any "hands reaching" image is likely
> to evoke that Sistine Chapel thing.

Well, perhaps consider the hand motif, but modified? specificly, hand, but
show a human standing on a stair or such, reaching up, the "digihand"
helping the human climb up. This would also have the benafit of the
symbolisim including the idea that even though the AI could become
trancendent, the idea is that it wouldn't be like some "overmind"/diety
reaching down to dole out favors to us mere mortals, but instead pulling us
up _to its own level_

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