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From: Aikin, Robert (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 15:54:15 MDT

One additional thought: Almost any symbol employed by SIAI *can* be
interpreted as religious. The concepts already mentioned could easily be
confused as such, e.g., a tree is a serious symbol for Kabbalists (Jewish
and Christian mysticism); the seedling can be identified as an acorn,
especially sacred to Druids; a handshake with that of secret
societies/fraternities like Freemasonry; an eye for a number of Illumination
cults... Personally, I think that any graphic design should be used without
a concern for how it might be misinterpreted. AI is a profound probability
beyond the superstitions of past ages. Any possible SIAI mark could have a
textual disclaimer or explanation of the symbol for the public.

Robert Aikin
Houston, TX

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> (I like to think that this provides three good images; star
> for Singularity, handshake for Friendly AI, sapling for seed AI. I
> imagine putting all three on the back of a T-Shirt.)

Sounds like a T-shirt I could buy and wear proudly. However, some
might see some sort of connection with the holy trinity. FAI = God,
seed AI = Christ, Singularity = Holy Ghost.

- Joaquim Gāndara
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