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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 01:11:25 MDT


I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your Essay, The Frozen Accident God,
which I would say is very, excellent.

My only addition to this story (as insisted upon only by myself) is my focus
on the pre-Singularity lives that have past, the one Not-uploaded because the
Singularity hadn't happened yet. I understand that Tipler and Hans Moravec
have considered re-computing the past through unbelievably, titanic,
computing power. I am not sure that computation alone, and computing all
possible paths (formulations) of who and when they were born, their
personalities, and memories, experiences, and their background 'world' is

My own hunch is that, although the past in unchangeable, in the Grandfather
Assassination Paradox (if you kill grand dad-how could you still be here?)
sense of the phrase, one could, through the understanding of physics, gain
nearly, precise information of the past. The purpose of this would be to
re-create the past, in upgraded form, in the distant future.

Beyond holography around black holes, I suspect that the interaction of
photons and gravity might imprint gravity itself. This wild conjecture
suggests that the cosmic quintessence, or gravity waves are themselves acting
as storage media. This is my hope anyway. I also toying with ideas about
gathering data through tiny wormholes,
( in the great some-when) and then utilizing it to reformulate the past. I
tend to spend quite a bit of time searching for such matters on LANL
Archives. Lots of interesting papers there.

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