Re: Time and Minds

From: Xavier Lumine (
Date: Sat Sep 22 2001 - 10:54:19 MDT

I don't really see why a Greater-than-Human Artificial Intelligence running
a simulation would ever deem necessary to insert an event such as the World
Trade Center. Frankly, exterminating members of a simulation does not fit
into the goal-system of a simulation-controlling GIAI.
>>My guess is the world wouldn't be so crappy, if it was a singularity, and
>>there is also no apparent Sysop either. This is a world of pain, otherwise
>>there would be no push for a singularity.
>Unless it turns out that we would be even more miserable without some pain
>here and there.
>Of course, it's not testable whether or not the Singularity has already
>happened (as far as I know "real" life could be an illusion too).
>Suppose the Singularity has already happened... shouldn't we still work to
>improve this illusion? It's the journey don't you know. :)
>Suppose it hasn't... then we must work to improve this real life.
>Either way, we need to keep working on making life better.
>I think we're all in agreement on this... of course it is a fun distraction
>to try to figure out why there is pain and suffering if it doesn't really
>need to be that way. My guess is that it adds some contrast to make the
>rest of eternity (the afterlife?) that much better.

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