Re: Opting out of the Sysop scenario?

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 18:37:12 MDT

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From: Marc Forrester <>
> My brain creates entirely convincing 'non-player characters' several times
> night without performing any hall-of-mirrors tricks to host extra
> beings within this one. For the illusion to work, it is enough that
> characters talk and act in ways that -you- expect them to, and that
> information can be read from your own mind without needing to create any
> others.
This fact is one thing that supports my hunch that something resembling the
classic cyberpunk neural-interface is rather closer than we suspect. We
already have a perfectly good "VR" generator..we just have to determine
a sufficently predictable method of stimulating it. :)
  Here's an interesting thought... if VR piggy-backed onto the REM-dream
channels in the brain.. the people who are getting disability for severe
narcolepsy might suddenly find themselves a hot job commodity.
  Clinical narcolepsy is not defined as a propensity to fall asleep multiple's defined as haveing 2 or more episodes of REM activity witin
a nap allowed in a given day, as determined by the Multiple Sleep Latency
Test. Someone who has a tendancy to go REM in a casual nap...
ka ching $$$$.
  The even weirder thing about this is imagining a human's perception of
the Sysop ..if the primary method of interface involved REM processes.
Shades of the Sandman....
  but with nano.

"the future will turn strange...soon"
 brian .....

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