Re: Opting out of the Sysop scenario?

From: Psy-Kosh (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2001 - 18:34:17 MDT

> From: Psy-Kosh <>
> > But then, how does the illusion "know" what emotions to fake? ie,
> > somewhere, something is being modeled, right? So, seems to me that,
> > depending on how consiousness actually turns out to "work", making an
> > "illusion" of sufficient _apperent_ complexity is equivalent to actually
> > creating the being.
> My brain creates entirely convincing 'non-player characters' several times
> night without performing any hall-of-mirrors tricks to host extra
> beings within this one. For the illusion to work, it is enough that
> characters talk and act in ways that -you- expect them to, and that
> information can be read from your own mind without needing to create any
> others.

    Sorry, I sorta realized after I sent that I should have made my point
clearer. When you do that, there already is a sentient being, specificly
you. What I'm saying is if you created something independent that completely
simulated one of those charecters, then it is possible that it will
inherently be sentient.

    My whole point was to instead start with an already existant entity and
have it "play pretend".

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