Re: Article: The coming superintelligence: who will be in control?

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 16:00:01 MDT

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> What I really find lacking at the site are some articles
> going beyond trend tracking and guessing what will happen. I'd like to see
> people take the issue farther and try to figure out a) can we manipulate
> the timing and character of the Singularity significantly b) if so, should
> we accelerate it? Perhaps Amara could do an article on that with some
> of our help? Of course all singularitarians realize the responsibility
> to take action to support and accelerate the Singularity safely, but many
> other people seem to either not have considered this yet, or are content
> to sit back and "let history take its course", which IMO is not rational.
I agree with Brian that these issues certainly require much more discussion.
I would like to point out that the Journal of Evolution and Technology would be interested in seeing submissions dealing with
this subject matter. Also, I would like to see a survey article comparing
the various approaches to AI, e.g., WM, Sing. Institute, etc., and a summary
of why each thinks it will succeed where so many others have failed.

Dr. Mark Walker
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Evolution and Technology
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