Re: Flare improvements

From: Durant Schoon (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 20:00:01 MDT

> Does anyone have any suggested IMPROVEMENTS to Flare? A feature that no
> language should be without? I've already gotten a complaint or two about
> the proliferation of programming topics on an allegedly futuristic mailing
> list, but before I call a halt, I'd just like to see if anyone out there
> has any further suggestions, on the order of, say, "use xmlns" or "don't
> even try to implement in C++". Criticisms of the form "It will never fly
> because it lacks Wing X, go add Wing X" are also solicited.

Ok, this is the last I'll write on this thread (hopefully :-)

An import mechanism would be nice. Just in case someone writes a compiler
that compiles this to the Java Virtual Machine you could import other
jar files. But assuming that FlareSpeak has everything Python does, "module
importing" falls under this category. XML Schema has support for importing
(an important advantage over DTD's IMO).

For distributed languages (though someone else will probably know far more
than I do), check out:


Describes MarkM's language 'e' that you might have heard of. I looked at
it recently and it compiles to a JVM and allows you to import everything
in Java already (just like Jython).

The concept of "promise" is pretty interesting for a networked environment
(thinking of your distributed beowulf clusters). But I think you can do
this with your notion of "interceptions".

2) (?)

Someone told me that Erlang is a very popular (distributed?) language
these days (it's a functional language like Haskell, though I'm not
very good at reading these types of languages).

I think the compilers are supposed to be really efficient. Maybe Ben
(Goertzel) would like this.

over and out,

Durant Schoon

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