RE: Languages and AI

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 15:36:17 MDT

> > I don't believe in AI that is so simplistic that the
> > thought processes have anything to do with the idioms of the
> > underlying programming language, but I also think that current
> > programming tools are simply inadequate. It would be really hard
> > to code an AI in a non-object-oriented language and it probably
> > won't be easy to build AI in a non-annotative language either.

Since we're repeating ourselves, I'll say again that I think that by far the
hardest problems that come up in coding an AI have nothing to do with the
underlying programming language. In my view, at this point Flare is a
distraction, and the task of building a programming language for AI is
better undertaken *after* the first working "real AI" has been built and
tested, and one knows *exactly* what the requirements for this language
really are. Of course, in an infinite-resources situation, there's no
reason not to play around with Flare and other potentially useful AI
programming languages in parallel with creating real AI prototypes a
standard languages. But if the same individuals who will work on Flare
could instead work on things more directly related to getting the first
Eli-style AI working, in my view this would get us toward our end goal


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