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Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 17:40:48 MDT

> <<Our goal should be to provide worlds that are so exciting -- such as
> that we read about in the novel 'True Names' -- that our players will want
> remain in the game, instead of returning to their everyday jobs.>>
> Or, maybe our goal should be to create everyday jobs (in anti-aging
> and cognitive "inloading," for example) that are so exciting they seem
> like play than work.
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  Actually you can make jobs like this..but they are custom and require
you do rather more than you really need to do the job to get the
certs. I will wind up spending 3 years in Anesthesia or something so
I can qualify to sit for the Anti-Aging Boards. In a way this is good
since it gives me a solid trade but would be nice to have the
choice. It would be nice to be able to do a Neurology residency
or a clinical electophysiology Fellowship without the focus on
epilepsy and pathology, and instead spead that time working
on understanding the problems facing implants in healthy patients.
I would give my left testicle (literally) for a Fellowship in prosthetic
medicine...but it ain't happening... you could get a PhD in
Bioengineering...but there's another 4-5 years......
  "Everyday jobs" that are push a button, get your grades, give up
this much time and here's the job...well maybe they exist ..but
most of the neat ones I have found you have to build from scratch.
  Whine whine whine.....

(Dr. Borg wannabe!)

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