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From: Dani Eder (
Date: Sun Jul 01 2001 - 00:34:04 MDT

RE: Gravity Waves

Gravity waves are extraordinarily weak. You need to
shake the entire Moon back and forth to create a
microgee of acceleration at the Earth's surface
the magnitude of the effect which generates ocean
tides). Assuming the hardware you build an AI from is
not too different from today's, you don't have any
moving masses with which to generate a gravity wave.
Cooling fans and hard disk drives, while rotating,
are symmetric, and therefore don't generate gravity
waves. That requires asymmetric moving masses.

Here's my cut at an 'isolation box':

Your seed AI is run off batteries, and cooled by
a 'thermal dump' such as a block of melting ice.
This equipment is enclosed within a Faraday Cage,
which in turn is magnetically levitated within
a vaccuum chamber which is heavily insulated.

The vaccuum chamber prevents acoustic signals (like
moving the disk drive heads in morse code), and the
insulation prevents temperature variation signals.
The magnetic levitation helps to reduce mechanical
vibration signals, gravity waves, etc.

An isolation box still does not solve the problem
of how to develop the seed AI without leaving the
human brain open to subversion. In developing it
you need to observe it in some fashion, which means
there is a path for data to get implanted in your


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