RE: SI Jail

From: Amara D. Angelica (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 10:04:45 MDT

> I was thinking gravity waves. I believe there's no way to
> shield against them.

ULF frequencies (below 3 Hz) are also not shieldable, including Tempest
shielding, and more easily generated -- by simply pulsing all transistors in
synchrony at 3 Hz or less. See for measurement techniques. Of
course, they are limited in modulation bandwidth (1.5 bits/sec and less),
per Nyquist, but complex information can be communicated by using a short
code string (as is done in submarine communication), assuming a predefined
external accomplice. To overcome noise, coherent communication (synchronized
transmit/receive times for specific frequencies) can be used.

Is there a need to "classify" the above information to prohibit SI access?

Which raises a question: will SIs have access to communication networks such
as the Internet, and if not, how will they learn and perform useful

Also, the current cover story of June 29 Science ("Ultrafast Manipulation of
Electron Spin Coherence" --
(see for
summary) raises an interesting question, since quantum computing now looks
like the future of supercomputers: if SIs have access at the quantum level,
will they have the tools to explore exotic new forms of energy whose rules
for safety will be beyond us? And if not, will SIs be limited to inferior
computational substrates?

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