Re: SI Jail

From: gabriel C (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 21:43:19 MDT

>>I've thought of at least one plausible method an SI could use to affect
>>our world from a total black box.

If it can escape from the box through methods either clever or "magical",
how can we call it a "total black box"? BTW, what is the substrate in the

Whatever the clever hack is, whether or not the rest of us are bright enough
to figure it out only highlights the fact that we CAN figure it out. But why
would an SI use any strategy that could possibly be conceived of by a human?

>Eletromagnetic radiation escape. This one is pretty simple. The AI
>sends out signals from the processor that, even though very weak by
>the time they reach other electronics, provide an avenue to replicate
>outside the jail. The way around this is to just TEMPEST shield.

I'm ignorant of the tempest stuff. Can it shield against SI-generated
Gamma-ray signaling? Cosmic rays? I'm sure that an SI could figure out some
way to generate these, though they may fall into the province of "magic".
Personally, I think that the fact that the "magic" factor even exists is a
good reason to abandon the idea of trying to imprison a superintelligence.


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