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Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 19:53:30 MDT

At 5:54 PM -0700 6/25/01, gabriel C wrote:
>> > Oh, I'm certain Big Brother would love this. A database of which beliefs
>>> people agree and disagree with. Let the witch hunts begin!
>>I don't mind being hunted as a witch, as long as nobody possesses the
>>capability to burn me at the stake. I'm with Lee Daniel Crocker on this
>>one - a need for privacy is a symptom of a badly designed society.
>Or badly designed individuals. It only takes less than a handful of
>people to make a society. If Joe Lumberjack decides he doesn't want
>his circle of buddies to know he crossdresses, what then? What
>academic discussion of transparency/privacy do we apply to a
>practical situation?
>I don't want everyone to know every detail of my life, or even some
>of the details, even mundane things such as the color socks I wear.
>An anthropomorphic weakness? Maybe so. But as of this moment, I
>still have no urge to be a homogenized member of a group mind.

Okay, I think this has been discussed before, but I'll get in here to
try to draw some conclusions for everyone about privacy and then you
can apply this knowledge back to the thread youselves as an exercise.

There is no indication that I've seen that an AI would desire
privacy, especially after being exposed to programmers all through
development. An SIAI (not to be confused with SIAI ;-P), would
probably continue on with this view, unless it turned out that
privacy were Friendly (my guess is that it's irrelevant to
Friendliness in mature AIs, but developing AIs will have an aversion
to priavcy because to be Friendly they must have readable code and
such to make sure no FoFs are going on).

Any kind of static human, upload or just transhuman, is going to hold
onto privacy as much as any normal human does, which, for a lot of
people, is not a lot. Contrary to what some of you may be thinking,
most peole don't care about their privacy very much, and even if they
claim to, they don't care about it too much, since they do little to
protect it. Alas, even as much as I want to remain pretty private
and act to ensure that, there is little I can do thanks to the
Kafka-ish reality that we already live in and continue to submerge
into. There is a very good chance that technology will just make
privacy most impossible, so you'd better get used to it.

(For those of you who are sleeping, the upshot is that the Sysop will
protect your privacy as much as you'd like, so priacy issues only get
really bad during the transition period.)

On dynamic human uploads, my guess is that there will be a wide
variety of desires for privacy here. Some people will open up their
code and make it easy to read, while others will have the Sysop seal
them up in a nice little box to be a hermit.

On the big question of what a mind in general or intelligence in
general will think of privacy, I may come up with something there
later, but at the moment I have no real answer. Maybe this is still
beyond our visibility in the future fog?

(BTW, for those who noticed, this is coming from a different account
than I usually send from. It seems that all of .cx is down since
Friday morning ~9:00 EDT (if anyone knows where I can find more info
about this, please let me know off list, because I'm in the dark
about what's going on), but using Mac OS X as my main system comes
with the perks of free e-mail from Apple.)

Gordon Worley
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