Re: sleep and communal dreaming (was RE: UnambiguousLanguage...)

From: gabriel C (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 18:54:28 MDT

> > Oh, I'm certain Big Brother would love this. A database of which
> > people agree and disagree with. Let the witch hunts begin!
>I don't mind being hunted as a witch, as long as nobody possesses the
>capability to burn me at the stake. I'm with Lee Daniel Crocker on this
>one - a need for privacy is a symptom of a badly designed society.

Or badly designed individuals. It only takes less than a handful of people
to make a society. If Joe Lumberjack decides he doesn't want his circle of
buddies to know he crossdresses, what then? What academic discussion of
transparency/privacy do we apply to a practical situation?

I don't want everyone to know every detail of my life, or even some of the
details, even mundane things such as the color socks I wear. An
anthropomorphic weakness? Maybe so. But as of this moment, I still have no
urge to be a homogenized member of a group mind.


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