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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 20:59:36 MDT

Hi Michael,

Jason can't get his chat bots to be very smart based on the technology
currently underlying them. But *he* may be smart enough to, given a few
years effort, build a real cognitive architecture underlying future versions
of his chat bots. Who knows. there's no real evidence that he's doing this
now, however.

more on Monday when I get back from the business trip I'm about to embark

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  Ben, Peter,

  I visited the site. The "Botson" device was certainly just a surface level
chat bot.

  How intelligent (i.e.responsive) could Jason get his chat bots? For
instance, how responsive, in a domain (say investing), could his chat bots
get without really being intelligent?

  Most chat bot technology is very brittle even when restricted to a domain
of expertise.

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    I know that group well; it's a small team, housed in a mansion in
    headed by my friend (sort of) Jason Hutchens. Jason was a grad student
    perth when I was a research fellow there. he's a world-class chat bot
    builder, but in my view is not a very serious thinker about cognition,
    pattern recognition, etc. his approach is very behavioral -- he wants
    make a series of chat bots that will sequentially emulate older and
    human children, until he gets one that passes the Turing test. He
    heavily on statistical, Markov-chain-type learning methods. I like his
    stuff but unless he's undertaken a radical revision of the conceptual
    foundatiosn of his work, I think it's very unlikely he'll build a system
    with much real intelligence.


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> Somebody else is trying to do Real AI:
> It's worth looking at.
> - Any and all feedback welcome:

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