Re: Who is working on Real AI?

Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 15:25:00 MDT

I am. See comments in the quoted text....

> From: "Peter Voss" <>
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> Subject: Who is working on Real AI?
> Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 15:54:40 -0700
> It may be useful for someone (Eli?) to keep a (web-page) list of everyone
> who *claims* to have a theory for, or be working on, Real AI: A design for
> artificial general intelligence that, given funding, could match and exceed
> human intelligence within, say, 10years.

Within 5 years (apx. 50-person-years).

> Of the top of my head:
> Ben
> Eli
> Minsky
> Cog ?
> Cyc
> A-I
> Hugo de Garis
> ???


> What are their views on 'The Guidelines'? On Friendliness?

``Friendliness is irrelevent.'' Dealing with AI, we're dealing with a
transhuman technology. Since friendliness is a patently human notion, it
will quickly become obsolete in SI circles. There is much more to the
issue of engineering FAI (as demonstrated by some interminable SL4
threads); so this is just a sufficient-but-not-elegant assertion.

My opinion is that ``friendliness'' is just a cover to give SINGINST
501c(3) non-profit status and make strong AI look more - shall we say -
``friendly'' to SL0-SL3 communities.

> - Any and all feedback welcome:
> Who is working on 'real' AI? Of all the people working in the field called
> 'AI' ....
> 80% don't believe in the concept of General Intelligence (but instead, in a
> large collection of specific skills & knowledge)

General Intelligence, I'm afraid, *is* a myth. An informal proof, presented
in an educational psychology class, can be found at: http:// Although not highly relevant to the
development of "Real AI", uncovering the illusion of general intelligence
may help to clarify which paths to strong AI are theoretically sound.

> of those that do, 80% don't believe that (super) human-level intelligence is
> possible - either ever, or for long, long time
> of those that do, 80% work on domain specific AI projects for commercial or
> academic-political reasons (results are a lot quicker)
> of those left, 80% have a poor conceptual framework....

I plan on developing artificially intelligent robots - androids - for commerce.
Given the fact that no humanitarian organization is prepared to embark on
such a SL-high endeavor, I have been forced to capitalize the project. Far be
it from me to refuse becoming rich. ;)

I'm taking a geodesic approach to strong AI. (Cf. R. Buckminster Fuller:
``Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth'').

Please feel free to add this information to any "Real AI" roster which may
eventually be created. I might also suggest that the roster be kept by a
mutually certified impartial party, to prevent misrepresentation of entrants.


P.S. My PGP keys can be found at

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