Who is working on Real AI?

From: Peter Voss (peter@optimal.org)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 16:54:40 MDT

It may be useful for someone (Eli?) to keep a (web-page) list of everyone
who *claims* to have a theory for, or be working on, Real AI: A design for
artificial general intelligence that, given funding, could match and exceed
human intelligence within, say, 10years.

Of the top of my head:

Cog ?
Hugo de Garis

What are their views on 'The Guidelines'? On Friendliness?

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Who is working on 'real' AI? Of all the people working in the field called
'AI' ....
80% don't believe in the concept of General Intelligence (but instead, in a
large collection of specific skills & knowledge)
of those that do, 80% don't believe that (super) human-level intelligence is
possible - either ever, or for long, long time
of those that do, 80% work on domain specific AI projects for commercial or
academic-political reasons (results are a lot quicker)
of those left, 80% have a poor conceptual framework....

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