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Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 14:48:07 MDT

Hi. I like Durant's thorough treatment of lingual ambiguity (especially the COOKIE RECEPIE :). Thanks.

These are some of my thoughts about the future of language. First, I must post a description of what I call "Paradigm Levels", or evolutionary stages. I must post this so you all will know what I'm referring to when I refer to a "Paradigm Level"- to expand our dictionaries so that my private terminology becomes shared and legitimate, lexicographically. :)

Paradigm Levels - evolutionary master paradigms:
As evolution progresses, successively "higher" control paradigms come into play.
Each successive paradigm level is more successful at controlling the outcome of
events in lower levels: i.e., logic (pl8) can predict the outcome of chemical
reactions (PL2). each successive paradigm level generally operates in the realm
of its paradigm level, as well as all paradigm levels below it. For example,
engineering a nuclear reactor depends upon a specified nuclear chemistry (PL1),
molecular chemistry (PL2), resistance from anti-nuke potesters (PL7 & PL8), and
building and control technology (PL8). I would love to know what comes after PL9.

        PL0 - complete non-definition, pre-reality, quantum vacuum, etc.
        PL1 - formation of subatomic particles & light, stable quantum waves
        PL2 - formation of atoms and molecules
        PL3 - formation of self-propagating chemical reacions, coacervates
        PL4 - formation of bilogical cells, bacteria, viri
        PL5 - formation of multicellular organisms and hormonal control mechanisms
        PL6 - establishment of neurological control, neurological reflexes, instinct, insect intelligence
        PL7 - establishment of social function, emotions, basic communities
        PL8 - birth of logical capability, reason, ballistic ability, information age
        PL9 - beginning of transhumanity, hyperlogic, metaphysics, non-individuality

Clearly, we are now in PL8: the age of reason. When we reach singularity, we will be in PL9. What, we must ask, is (will be) hyperlogic? Can the amoeba contemplate calculus? Even multicellularism? How can we figure out what the operative paradigm will be in PL9? Language will be at a lower Paradigm Level. Logic will be at a lower Paradigm Level. My best guess, as of yet, is that the existence of communication and syntax will blur with operation and function, repsectively. Any ideas? It looks like that's where this thread is going, anyway.

Regarding the ambiguitiy of languages, humans are not purely logical creatures.
They will use english words in other-than their literal meaning (i.e., in metaphor). This means that, unless the language is applied exclusively above PL7, it MUST be ambiguous. And, regarding the construction of completely unambiguous languague, Kurt Godel showed (by corellary) that any PL8 language must be either consistent or complete - but not both. Oh, and btw, ``Everything that I say is a lie.''


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