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From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Tue Jun 19 2001 - 19:09:15 MDT

At 5:33 PM -0700 6/19/01, Durant Schoon wrote:
>New Concept: "Communal Dreaming"
>Using spare cycles to compare one's own mental structures with the mental
>structures of others one is likely to come into concact with, so that
>at the time of actual communication, one already knows which symbols are

This is where the Sysop steps in and warns you about with whom you
will be dreaming. While maybe you could do this with other's whom
you trust, it could be dangerous with untrusted parties. You'll be
on an open, streaming connection with the other SI and once this has
started, my guess is that the Sysop will just leave you alone for
reasons of practicality on the Sysop's part (okay, I warned you,
Durant, that Gordon might be dangerous to dream with, but if you
really want to, I guess I have to let you and I just don't have the
resources to keep checking up on this fast paced conversation without
endangering the minds of others).

BTW, my Sysop paper is coming along and you should expect it in a few
days (I'll post a URL and you can read it if you'd like), if my
various other projects and the weather (here in Florida we are now
having thunderstorms every afternoon, forcing me off the computer
completely for a few hours :-() don't get in the way.

Gordon Worley
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