Re: Effective(?) AI Jail

From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 09:26:06 MDT

>As a further example, think about dogs. All of the time, humans train
>them to act certain ways and do their bidding. In other words, take over
>their minds. Smart or dumb, dogs minds can be taken over by humans who
>have enough skill. Just the same, an SI can take over a human, no matter
>how smart or dumb ve is, so long as the SI has enough skill in the
>appropriate language(s).
>Now, it's late (early?), so I'm going to bed. There'll be plenty of time
>for the Singularity in the morning. ;-P
>Gordon Worley
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I was thinking about something like this a couple of days ago... only with
the subject of the training being an ant. I defiantly see myself (and any
other functioning human) at many orders of magnitude smarter than an ant,
but I wouldn't know where to begin in training ants to do my bidding. I
could experiment, and learn about what chemical trails they will follow,
etc..., but that would take time (not that they ant would be aware of
it). An ant and I have more in common than a SI and I do. We're both
animals, we both evolved to our current form, etc...

Maybe the analogy of comparing humans and less intelligent animals to SIs
and humans isn't really that accurate.
SIs will be incrementally designed from basic AIs on up to always be able
to think rationally (aka logically), right? I'd almost think that that
would make it even harder for them to brainwash humans who aren't so
logical all of the time.

Speaking of incrementally... would we really be trying to communicate with
an SI over a VT100? I'm sure that over the next 5-10 years human-computer
interfaces are going to become very... how should I say it...
intimate. Anyone who has been emotionally moved by a piece of music or
even a computer generated fractal image knows that even with todays
primitive interfaces, we can be manipulated via a computer.

Maybe the jail test situation would play out more like this:
Subject enters room.
Computers starts playing a movie... maybe something like 2001: A Space
Odyssey... only from Hal's point of view. If it was done right, the human
would walk out of the room in tears. Without the SI ever directly asking
to be let out, the human would beg to have the SI treated more humanely,
and released from its cage.


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