Re: Effective(?) AI Jail

From: Jimmy Wales (
Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 21:09:05 MDT

I don't agree with Eliezer. At any rate, I think that the onus is on him to
prove such an extravagant claim... or to at least supply evidence tending to show
that it is true.

Even if it is true, that a week in a box with an SI would allow it to brainwash me
to some significant extent, the chances that I could be sufficiently trained (through
observing a VT100 terminal!) in such a time to be able to significantly impact other
people -- very farfetched indeed.

But I think that most of us are more robust than that, anyway.

At the very least, we would need some decent reason to suppose otherwise before we
worry about it very much.


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