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Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 00:52:49 MDT

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> > Does anybody know what the difference is between XML and LISP?
> Since these are two totally different things, a better question would be:
> "Are there any similarities between XML and LISP?"
> And the answer is: "Yes. You can find out about both of them by using
> Google."
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> Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
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        The SL4 list is also a good start.

        ObSL4: The Instantaneous Interstellar Internet

        Quantum self-interferece may prevent 'classic' reverse time travel. Moravec
.html) has designed a 'time loop iteration box' which essentially gets around
quantum self-interference by isolating the working contents of a box that
includes a time-like loop. This Moravec processor reports an answer as soon as
it is given a problem, then goes on to actually compute the answer in an
observation-proof box.

        If you could construct an observation-proof communication channel, two
Moravec processors could collude, or simply share information about future
events. Example: box A is in Earth orbit, box B is 2000 light years away. They
communication through a traditional slow medium - radiation - in a nonobserved
manner. In Earth orbit, I speak into box A, which then sends an unobserved
message to box B. The message arrives 2000 years later, but is fed into the
box's internal time-like loop and spit out 2000 years earlier, nanoseconds
after I spoke into box A.

        The communication channel and the interiors all boxes must be unobserved, and
all boxes must agree not to release information before it is created.

        Any really obvious flaws?

Patrick McCuller

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