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From: V.Z. Nuri (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 22:48:01 MDT

hi everyone. what an interesting mailing list
you've got here with many highly accomplished members.
I moderate the theory-edge mailing
list dedicated to cutting edge mathematical
& algorithmic topics, it may be of interest to
many here.

3 years, ~450 subscribers, 3000 msgs
in open/searchable archives.

two essays I just posted that may be of interest to
readers here. I'd be interested in other descriptions
of algorithms underlying AI or its mathematical

"black box for true AI".. I give a general
theory for intelligence. the basic idea is
that you have

(1) an order builder. this builds an internal
map of any "order" found in sensory data.

(2) a "new order seeker". the intelligent entity
is motivated to interact with the environment to
find more and more order to
assimilate in the sensory data.

combining (1)+(2) gives the effect of "novelty
seeking" (but while preserving existing identified
order) and "boredom avoidance" so to speak.

along these lines I propose
"two crucial experiments", tied in with existing
scientific research. a biped robot balancer/walker
using simulations, and identification of
a recursive compression algorithm.

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