Fourier computing?

From: Ben Houston (
Date: Sun May 13 2001 - 18:45:03 MDT

Fourier computing (see below for the quote)? I written programs using
Fourier transforms before and I am studying cognitive science /
neuroscience at university so I also understand the current models of
neurons and their respective neural codes. I have never heard of
Fourier computing though. And, I was until now unaware that there was a
need to "invent the kind of component which the human brain uses." I
guess I have been in the dark about something -- could you fill me in?

Kind regards,
-ben houston

my_sunshine said:
> (3) The human brain fits neither the "analog" nor "digital"
> characterizations.
> The human brain (indeed, the whole nervous system) works with
> oscillators which humans have yet to understand. So far, we may have
> invented
> the analog, and invented the digital, but we have yet to
> the
> "Fourrier" computing ocurring in the human brain -- and, sorry,
> understanding
> is a prerequisite for deliberate design. Once we invent the kind of
> component
> which the human brain uses, then we may go about designing AIs which
> employ
> them, because we'll be able to translate AI implementations from
> and
> digital design spaces into the design space of the new technology.
> until
> we crack the human brain, we just have to implement technology (like
> using
> techniques which we have.

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