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From: Brian Atkins (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 17:46:21 MDT

Yeah, I am dreading another go around of Star Trek's "the android who
wanted to become human". Wasn't that just done a year or two ago in that
idiotic Bicentennial Man movie? Oh well, we can hope...

It's a shame that the world/media in general is stuck on this "humans as the
center of the Universe" kick. I think looking back on it post-Singularity
it will look more silly than Aristotle. There just /might/ be something
actually better than being barely above monkeys. Hard to believe, I know :-)

"To the modern reader, Aristotle's views on astronomy, as presented in
Metaphysics, Physics, De Caelo (On the Heavens) and Simplicius' Commentary,
will most likely seem very bizarre, as they are based more on a priori
philosophical speculation than empirical observation. Although Aristotle
acknowledged the importance of "scientific" astronomy - the study of the
positions, distances and motions of the stars - he nevertheless treated
astronomy in the abstract, linking it to his overall philosophical world

Exercise left to the reader: Sound like anyone you know?

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