RE: Convincing wealthy benefactors to back real AI research

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 09:46:28 MDT

  ----- I realize you have unlimited faith in the ability of lawyers to
> diddle the System, but you'll still be seriously limiting your total
> ability to profit by giving the core IP to a nonprofit, because the
> system is set up so that once the property enters the nonprofit
> that property is forever after used in a way consonant with the public
> benefit.

  First, creating real AI is infinitely more important to me than making a
big profit. Anyway if I make real AI then I can get rich personally by
going around and giving speeches about it ;p

  Secondly, your comments do not do justice to the full complexity of
potential relationships between for-profit and non-profit entities. But
this is a topic to discuss with lawyers with appropriate expertise, not to
be debated among us amateurs on this list...


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