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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 10:42:19 MDT

> And really, given the size of your company is there a good chance
> that some
> of the members were availing themselves of position even in the best of
> times. Surely as a statistical thing the chances must have been reasonably
> good. A more to the point, who really gives a fuck--as it were. If the guy
> had been working the streets in order to generate revenue for WM,
> then this
> would have been news. Indeed, I think I'll include this in my piece of
> journalism on WM. :) But this does give me a good idea. Perhaps you could
> have WM2 work in the phone sex trade. Presumably this could be done fairly
> easily since only minimal intelligence is required for this work.

Stephan (my former Deputy CTO) and I came up with a related idea...

We intend to start a new firm focused on the use of quantum teleportation to
remove feces ~directly~ from the rectum without passing through the usual
orifice. This will allow one to relieve one's bowels while driving, sitting
in business meetings or classrooms, etc.

company name: Rectronix

slogan: No shit!


Ok ok. I'm really just trying to get Eliezer to BZZZZT!! me for the first

A few of us, including Eli and Peter Voss myself, just got back from the
Foresight Gathering in SF, at which there was a fair amount of talk about AI
and the Singularity, almost more so than about nanotechnology, the alleged
primary focus of the conference. Peculiarly, among that crowd, I found
myself among the more practical-minded people around ;O I'm working on a
project that has a prayer of reaching a state of dramatic success in a year
or two, whereas the nanotech guys are frequently talking about decades!

Anyway, it's clear from this conference and from Kurzweil's forthcoming book
that the Singularity concept is going to seep into the tech media over the
next couple years. I'll be curious to see what it turns into.


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