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From: Mark Walker (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 14:26:01 MDT

> And he referred to staff turning to alcohol and prostitution. There was
> plenty of drinking going on, which I mentioned in my essay, but in fact
> portions of our staff were ~always~ hearty partiers. There was one
> where a staff member got arrested for supposed solicitation of
> (he says he wasn't guilty). But this was a very minor part of it all. A
> more ~interesting~ human angle to the story has to do with the 10-15 staff
> we brought here on H1-B's who are scrambling to find jobs in a tough job
> market, lest they be deported. This is a much more major "human aspect"
> the WM dissolution than "alcohol & prostitution," and ties in with general
> social & economic trends with which Wired news should be concerned.
And really, given the size of your company is there a good chance that some
of the members were availing themselves of position even in the best of
times. Surely as a statistical thing the chances must have been reasonably
good. A more to the point, who really gives a fuck--as it were. If the guy
had been working the streets in order to generate revenue for WM, then this
would have been news. Indeed, I think I'll include this in my piece of
journalism on WM. :) But this does give me a good idea. Perhaps you could
have WM2 work in the phone sex trade. Presumably this could be done fairly
easily since only minimal intelligence is required for this work. I don't
think this would be a matter of fraud. Surely we are not going to allow
discrimination just because WM2 is "orifice challenged". :)

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