Re: ARTICLE: Memory bandwidth

From: James Rogers (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 17:14:33 MDT

On 4/13/01 11:47 PM, "Brian Atkins" <> wrote:
> Personally I hope they eventually move to some kind of
> optical interconnect that would allow for much higher levels of bus
> performance.
> Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much demand for such things. Most
> applications do just fine, and with upcoming hacks like large level 3 caches
> being added to northbridges, the set of applications constrained by memory
> bandwidth will shrink further.

Memory is getting faster, it just isn't getting faster fast enough. The
argument isn't particularly productive, so I'll let it drop. *All* chip
architectures put out today are within an order of magnitude of each other,
so it is really a moot point -- we'll use what we have. I work on four
different architectures (x86, Sparc, PowerPC, Alpha) at the moment, and if I
had to pick just one as the best hardware platform for AI it would probably
be the Alpha. But it doesn't really matter, because you could use any of


-James Rogers

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