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From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 16:59:22 MDT

There are many current incarnations of Webmind AI Engine, but most of them
are partial. That is, the developers working on cognitive dynamics run the
system with the linguistic module disabled; the developers working on the
linguistics module run the system with the cognitive dynamics stuff running
in its simplest mode, etc. The people working on the "core system" run all
the modules at once, but only in their simplest modes. We need some serious
performance optimization in order to get the whole system able to hold a
conversation with you, i.e. all the modules working together in "smart
modes" at once.

So, alas, there's no version of Webmind that can hold a conversation with
you about the company that owns it going broke. If there were, then I guess
we wouldn't be in this situation. With a Webmind that was complete to that
extent, I'm sure we would have engineered an acquisition deal by now with
some major firm.


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> Mark Walker wrote:
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> > Will do. Although I would have thought the first order of
> business for WM2
> > would be to build a search engine to look for such beasts. ;) Mark
> I was also wondering whether anyone had thought to ask Webmind to look for
> a billionaire interested in investing in AI. OK, sure, it wouldn't have
> worked, but if it *had* worked, it would have become an anecdote that
> would have echoed down the generations. "Webmind AI, threatened with
> extinction, finds investor to save itself." Even if Webmind failed it
> would have made a good anecdote.
> Did anyone try, just by way of experimentation, explaining to the current
> Webmind instantiation that it's about to die? My impression is that
> Webmind is far too young to react in any interesting way, but if Webmind
> did anything the least bit interesting - anything the least bit humanlike;
> anything that wouldn't have been done by a previous AI - it would be
> terribly sad, and awesome, and beautiful, and an ending that would be
> remembered forever even if Webmind's "child" someday returned... or has
> the instantiation already been permanently shut down? Or will Webmind be
> surviving in Brazil?
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