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From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 15:35:43 MDT

With all due respect Chris, should I need to 'tear down' a Chevy 350 engine
I would spend time & sweat on learning anything I can about engines (even if
it takes me 3 years) before asking for help... or I'd ask someone else to do
it. I wouldn't expect someone to dumb it down for me.
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> >When I do not understand something, I go to and it
> finds related links for me. Why should it not find those same links for
> everyone ? The Singularity is nothing complex. How do you dumb down
> something which is not dumd-down-able ?<
> Arona,
> I don't want to fight about something that is just a difference in
> However, I will at least point out that not everyone in the world has
access to
> the internet just yet.
> Just because something is easily grasped by your mind, don't assume that
> everyone else will have no problem. For instance, I can tear down and
> a Chevy 350 engine quite easily, why can't you? That doen't mean that
> stupid, it just means that you haven't yet acquired a specialized area of
> knowledge and skill. Just because some folks (most, probably) might need
> take baby steps to the Singularity, don't condemn then outright.
> I do agree with you that if the information is available, and if someone
> interested in learning it, then they have no excuse not to learn. In the
> of the Singularity, however, the vast majority of people out there have
> probably never even heard of such a thing. They have to at least be aware
> the Singularity before they can type the words into a search engine. I
> stumbled into this while exploring the subject of memes on the 'net. I'm
> pleased to have discovered this information, but it was a happy accident.
> everyone can be so lucky.

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