Re: Si definition of Friendliess

From: Chris Cooper (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 15:23:26 MDT

>When I do not understand something, I go to and it
finds related links for me. Why should it not find those same links for
everyone ? The Singularity is nothing complex. How do you dumb down
something which is not dumd-down-able ?<

  I don't want to fight about something that is just a difference in outlook.
However, I will at least point out that not everyone in the world has access to
the internet just yet.

 Just because something is easily grasped by your mind, don't assume that
everyone else will have no problem. For instance, I can tear down and re-build
a Chevy 350 engine quite easily, why can't you? That doen't mean that you're
stupid, it just means that you haven't yet acquired a specialized area of
knowledge and skill. Just because some folks (most, probably) might need to
take baby steps to the Singularity, don't condemn then outright.

 I do agree with you that if the information is available, and if someone is
interested in learning it, then they have no excuse not to learn. In the case
of the Singularity, however, the vast majority of people out there have
probably never even heard of such a thing. They have to at least be aware of
the Singularity before they can type the words into a search engine. I myself
stumbled into this while exploring the subject of memes on the 'net. I'm very
pleased to have discovered this information, but it was a happy accident. Not
everyone can be so lucky.


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