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From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 12:23:59 MDT

Chris Cooper wrote:

> I was a little too polite to bring this up in quite this way, but James
does have
> a point here. All of my previous misgivings come down to the simple fact
> mistakes do happen.
>It's just that the more recent arrivals don't have the benefit of
>participating in the years of previous discussions on these topics.

Greetings to each and everyone,

I've only posted to this list once or twice (I never read any archives up
till a few months ago), however:
It did not take me much to realize that Eliezer HAS GOT SOMETHING which
others (software engineers, AI coders etc...) do not have.
The details of which are explained (at least that was enough for me) in
"Coding a Transhuman AI 1/2" and "Algernon's law".

>Eliezer has already covered some of these topics at various points in his
>writing, but it might be a good idea to condense this stuff into one place,
as an
>introduction to the subject, perhaps. (the Singularity for Dummies?)

I believe that anyone interested should read ALL the material on Low Beyond
+ archives + do some digging on their own to start with.
People need to do their homework, they do...
A 'Singularity for Dummies' sounds like a joke to me. Do not get me wrong,
but with all due respect: why should dummies need
to understand the Singularity ? More importantly with threats such as
Military-grade Nanotech etc... why should Eliezer (and the SingInst)
spend time on ANYTHING but what they're already busy with now ?

Kind regards,


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