(really late) JOIN post.

From: Arona Ndiaye (arona1@em8s.com)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 12:04:49 MDT

Greetings to each and everyone,
My name is Arona Ndiaye. I'm 28, I'm a software engineer. I'm self taught.
When I was a teenager I read "The society of the mind" by Marvin Minsky.
That book was a revelation for me. I've been playing with computers since
the age of ten. Between age ten and 20 I read a book/day. A lot of those
books were SF. A year and a half ago (more or less) I found Eliezer's site.
I read all of it within 2/3 days and I knew that was what I needed to get
involved with. French happens to be my mother tongue, therefore it is quite
possible that some of my posts might contain (erroneous) subtle 'variations'
of the english language. Should that happen, please be so kind as to let me
know. A few months ago I started applying some of Catai's principles to a
small AI project I'm busy with. I'm using GAs and GP as well. It's still too
early for me to have anything interesting to show, however I believe that
I'm on the right track.
I've learned a lot and I'm really pleased to be on this list. I'd like to
thank you all, most kindly...

Thumbs up to Eli, and the rest of the SingInst crew...

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