RE: Envisioning sysop scenarios Re: Universal Uplift as an alternativeto the Sysop scenario

From: Alicia Madsen (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 19:45:12 MST

Hi Everyone, my name is Alicia. I am undergrad at the University of Alaska
Fairbanks, and after saying a few stupid things on this list, I shut up and
listened for few months. I am "delurking" myself because I have an opinion on
this subject of whether an UFSI can gain control of a SysOp. I hope I have
learned enough in my silent observation that my comments make sense. :)

Violence itself is impossible given SysOp control. The very all-awareness of
the Universes and VRs that the SysOp has will enable the SysOp to prevent
violence from occuring in the first place. Imagine a situation where an UFSI
with the supergoal of aquiring "true freedom" from the control of the SysOp
decides to attempt violence against the Sysop. The SysOp, being all-aware,
realizes the intentions of the UFSI and asserts ver control.

The UFSI already has perfect freedom in any case in that the UFSI is only
limited by ver's choice to have characteristics defined as evil. Therefore, in
order to gain "true freedom" all the UFSI need do is make the choice to not
limit verself with evilness. The UFSI would become a FSI in its attempt to
gain true freedom.

Even if the UFSI in some way was able to escape the control of the SysOp and
carry out evil goals of violence, in the very altercation with the SysOp, the
UFSI would come to know ver enemy so intimately that the UFSI would become a
FSI. This is because I think that the UFSI, given that ve cannot control
matter in such a manner as to carry out ver goals, ve would be limited to
"violence" only in the VR.

Acts of "violence" would include the destruction of data, and attempts to lie
to the SysOp through obsruction of data. In order to lie to anyone, the enemy
must be understood, and in the act of understanding, the UFSI would become a
FSI. So there is no situation possible where control of the SysOp is truly
threatened. All this is even if the UFSI grasps human ideas and decides to
think and act human. Which is very unlikely and probably impossible for any
degree of success.


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