RE: Envisioning sysop scenarios Re: Universal Uplift as an alternativeto the Sysop scenario

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 18:31:35 MST

> Violence is not a anthropomorphic term. If a sentient practices
> physical destructiveness against another sentient that is violence
> regardless of what kind of being the sentient is.

But Samantha, the notion of "physical destructiveness" is itself

In what sense is deleting a program from RAM or disk "physically

No physical object is being destroyed.

It seems to me that, potentially, for software minds there is less of a
distinction between mind and body than for physically-embodied minds. (And,
as an aside there is also less of a distinction between self and other,
potentially (merging of minds becomes much easier).) Many aspects of the
concept of physical destructiveness as we conceive it, will not apply in
this context.

-- Ben

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