Re: Deliver Us from Evil...?

From: Christian L. (
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 08:42:45 MST

OK, you had a definition for "ending all evil". My mistake. I had scooped
around Eleziers website without finding anything.

>To eliminate all INVOLUNTARY pain, death, coercion, and stupidity from
>the Universe.

>Any problems?

Yes, the problems remain. While "death" can be clearly defined, "pain" and
"coercion" cannot. Have you got separate definitions for these too? Is it
only physical pain or also psychological? Can I be bullied all my life in
school and when I put the gun in my mouth to end my misery, the gun clicks?
Or wait, is that voluntary death? Or have my tormentors used coercion to get
me killed?

All interaction between humans includes various degrees of coercion; from
suggestion to persuation to brute force. Where do you draw the line?

My original question was meant as a retorical one. The point is, with a
subjective definition of "evil", there cannot be a uniform set of rules that
will "end all evil" as defined here.

I fail to see the need for discussing concepts like good, evil, morality or
ethics at all, or how a Power/SI would relate to them. Ethics seem to be
little more than rules set up by humans in order to maintain a fairly stable
society. I don't see how that can have any meaning in the post-Singularity
world or even in the last years leading up to the Singularity. I admit that
I haven't read Eleziers "friendly AI"-paper (is it out yet?), but right now,
I can see no way to determine how an AI would react towards humans. If
anything, the most logical thing would probably be either extermination, or
forced uploading (Best use of material resources). But personally, I would
rather avoid speculation about post-singularity issues completely.

>>The scary thing about that is, who gets to define what constitutes "evil?"

>Someone has to do it.

No, noone has to do it. All we have to do is build a seed AI (unless we are
talking about Asimov Laws...).


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