Deliver Us from Evil...?

From: Christian L. (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 15:32:21 MST

> >
> > Brian wrote:
> > >Is it possible to have other scenarios where the sysop does not infect
> > >all the mass in the solar system, while still ending all evil? I think
> > >could be done through heavy surveillance, including both real and
> > >realities.


>Well I think in the after-Singularity era you have to turn such questions
>around.. you have to ask, if we can do something like end all evil, why not
>do it?

What is this Evil anyway?

Pornography? Child pornography? Cheating on your wife/husband? Abortion?
Euthanasia? Drug trafficking? Selling drugs to kids? Bullying? Name-calling?
Racist remarks? Nazism? Communism? Capitalism? Fascism? Satanism?
Discrimination on basis of race, gender or sexual preference? Child abuse?
Rape? Date-rape? Having sex with a minor? Pedophilia? Necrophilia?
Prostitution? Child labor? Screwing up the environment? Genetic engineering?

It should be clear that the word "evil" is a very sweeping generalization
that has different meaning to different people (unless the people on this
list have a definition of evil that is objective and free from
contradiction, in which case I apologize). To say that "evil" is sure to
disappear in the future is therefore a rather silly statement in my opinion.
One ought to be careful about making such statements, in order not to lose
one's objectivity. The danger is that the discussion will deteriorate into
quasi-religious mantras:

Oh, almighty Sysop, Deliver Us from Evil.


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