OFF-TOPIC: Webmind Inc. may need some help...

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 05:29:50 MST

Hi all,

This message is off-topic but the situation has impelled me to post it

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Webmind Inc. is in a slightly difficult financial situation at the moment,
due to a funding
source pulling out at the last minute after 6 months of negotiations over
apparently trivial

We have a list of VC's who are interested in talking to us, but frankly, the
market for tech
companies is in very bad shape right now, so it may be a bit of a challenge.
So, in the case that
none of our current contacts comes through, I've decided to cast a pretty
wide net in looking for
other potential sources.

If any of you on this list should have connections with VC's or wealthy
individuals who you believe
might be interested in investing in Webmind Inc. during the month of April,
please e-mail me
privately and let me know. We believe we can become profitable by the end
of the summer.

Also, on a somewhat related topic. During the next few months, while we
push toward profitability
based on our AI products, we are interested in bringing in revenue any way
that we can. One of our
assets is a access to a population of very strong Brazilian programmers. If
any of you happens to know a firm
that is interested in hiring some contract programmers in the very short
term, let me know. This is
an "out of the box" way that we might bring in some revenue while
negotiating for the next round. Again,
if you have connection that might help in this regard, please let me know

Our scientific and engineering progress continues to be rapid and exciting,
and our business side is not
doing so badly either -- we're negotiating to bring on 20 new sales &
solutions-delivery guys from a
recently-defunct knowledge management software firm -- but it's a tough time
for tech companies as we
all know...

-- Ben

p.s. and, with this next round of funding, I promise to hire someone who
will teach me how to configure
Outlook properly ;>

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